10 Things to Consider When Buying a Commercial Coffee Maker

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Choosing a commercial-grade coffee maker

It is important to determine the needs for your break room or coffee station in terms of space availability, brewing capacity, and the brewer features you are seeking that will meet the needs of your team and your guests at various times throughout the day. As opposed to a domestic grade coffee machine, a commercial coffee maker can offer you a more reliable, robust and versatile solution that comes either equipped with a water reservoir or can be directly plumbed-in. When choosing a commercial grade coffee maker, it’s important to consider the space available at your brewing station, usage capacity, and ease of use maintenance required.

Evaluate your team, clientele and guests’ coffee break habits

Have you figured out your team’s beverage habits yet? What do they drink at key coffee break moments throughout the workday? Before you settle on a commercial-grade coffee maker, determine coffee, tea, and other hot beverage consumption patterns around the workplace (including team, patrons, and guests). Identify which brewing option they prefer (single-serve or bean-to-cup), their beverage choices and the coffee break frequency and volume. Get feedback and consider any special requests. With all that coffee break intel in hand, you’ll be able to find a commercial-grade coffee maker that works for your business.

Choose the right coffee maker for the perfect coffee break experience

There’s more than just one type of coffee maker. Coffee breaks can happen in different business spaces; some coffee makers are perfectly suitable for the office lounge while others are great for executive in-room service. It’s all about keeping your team happy and productive throughout the day or even offering the best possible guest experience. The commercial-grade coffee maker you choose must easily accommodate your number of employees, guests, and patrons, and be the right size to fit the area and demands of the end-consumer.

Single-serve or not?

Give them what they want in any business setting, including offices, retail locations or micro markets located in corporate buildings. When it comes to single-serve and bean-to-cup coffee makers, it’s all about convenience at different times of the day and offering a variety of freshly brewed beverage choices and brands at the touch of a button or touchscreen. Other types of equipment on the market may offer fewer options and features that cannot deliver the same quick, easy-to-use and customized coffee experience offered by a Keurig® Commercial system. Choose a coffee maker that brews quietly and that delivers consistent beverage and taste quality.

Consider the space you have

Whether it’s in the break room or a designated counter space around the place of business, take into account counter space width and height clearance. Start by measuring your coffee counter area and compare with our line-up of coffee makers’ dimensions to ensure you choose one for a proper fit. If your counter space is tight, look into more compact, space-saving Keurig® Commercial coffee makers that better suite your space.

Take into consideration your plumbing capabilities

Plumbed-in coffee makers are ideal for a business’s main break room or coffee station where back-to-back brewing is required. The connection to the water line is often handled by a trained technician to ensure continuous, optimal connection. As for removable water reservoir coffee makers, they offer great flexibility, with the ability to go anywhere; whether it be in an executive suite, smaller break room or waiting area. Consider your water quality and pair with the best water filtration system to ensure top taste quality and avoid equipment tear and breakage.

Ease of operation and maintenance is key to creating a great coffee experience

No one wants to fight with the office coffee maker first thing in the morning. To ensure a great coffee experience at your place of business anytime of the day, choose a coffee maker with user-friendly interfaces, intuitive controls, and clear instructions. Pro tip: Always rely on a certified technician for any troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance. To help minimize downtime, look for reliable equipment with removable parts with easy access for quick upkeep.

Choose a coffee maker that delivers beverage variety

A great coffee break experience requires versatile brewing options, including beverage and brand variety and multiple brew sizes. Look for Keurig® Commercial coffee maker models that offer the features you are looking for and brews the right beverages to cater to the diverse taste profiles of your employees, patrons, and guests.

Managing waste and recycling should be part of the solution

Consider a commercial-grade coffee maker that requires minimal cleanup and that is easy to clean thanks to sealed single-serve K-Cup® pod technology that helps reduce waste made from #5 polypropylene plastic which can be easily recycled through the Keurig® K-Cycle® commercial recycling program. By taking part in the Keurig® K-Cycle® program, you help support the recycling of our K-Cup® pods to their fullest value.

Buy or rent the coffee maker? Understand the advantages of Managed Coffee Services

With the ownership of a commercial coffee maker, you are responsible for its operation, cleaning and the regular maintenance required to maintain a reliable system. However, renting or free on loan coffee maker solutions that incorporate a coffee service provider allow you to better plan and manage your budget, thus providing you with the flexible and reliable maintenance support you need to minimize coffee maker downtime and ensure a reliable coffee program for your business.

The coffee they want, at a touch of a button

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The coffee they want, at a touch of a button

Find your Keurig® Commercial coffee maker