Keurig® K-Cycle® Recycling Box - Large
Keurig® K-Cycle® Recycling Box - Large

The K-Cycle® – Keurig® K-Cup® Pod Recycling Program offers businesses an easy way to collect their brewed Keurig® K-Cup® pods to be recycled. The process is simple. Once brewed, place your K-Cup® pods in the K-Cycle® recycling box. Once the box is full, close the liner bag with the provided zip tie and contact Purolator to arrange for pick-up. The box is then shipped to Emterra Group who collects the K-Cup® pods and separates their components to ensure that the plastic gets recycled, the aluminum lids are repurposed, and the coffee grounds/tea is composted.

  • K-Cycle® boxes are bundled in packs of five (5) and single boxes are not available
  • Large boxes have a maximum capacity of 400 K-Cup® pods
  • Dimensions: 10”L x 10”D x 24”H
Convenience Stores and Micro Markets
Hotels and Hospitality
Large Offices and Businesses
Small and Medium Businesses

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